T he business opened in January 2013 and is currently preparing for the upcoming season where we plan to grow a variety of speciality Tomato crops, supplying both retailers and the wholesale markets within the UK. The Company operates within East Riding of Yorkshire and has a glasshouse growing area of sixteen acres in total.
We are a family run business which has operated within the produce industry for over twenty-five years. In this time we have gained a great deal of experience and grown a wide variety of crops such as Aubergines, Chillies, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Ocra, Peppers, Strawberries and Tomatoes.

The UK growing season enables growers such as ourselves the ability to offer availability of product between the months of March through to November of each season. In more recent years we were approached and requested to grow crops through the winter months in order to help supply the increasing demand of British produce. Not one to overlook such a great opportunity we have been extremely pleased with the success of our nurtured winter crop in 2015/16, artificial sodium lighting was utlised throughout this process. A remarkable achievement which not only lead to additional acreage in lit production but strengthened relationships.


Our nursery is operated at a high standard using the most advanced Bio-divers systems of production. This includes resistant varieties to both pests and diseases. We incorporate Biological controls where predator and parasitic insects battle damaging organisms, without the need for the use of pesticides against specific problems. Pheromones are also used to capture insect pests to tell us what is in the crop before a problem emerges. Most crops are also grown on hydroponic mat systems that leave the fruit clear of contaminating soil and delivers good quality products for our customers and consumers. The company works closely with many European seed houses to trial new varieties, and where possible, to offer either a different product for the market place or an improvement to a current product. This also allows us to test new pest and disease-resistant product for our customers. Our aim is to lead the way in the production of new crops and understand the latest developments in Pest and Disease control so that we can deliver products with minimal pesticide use.

Here at Yorkshire Grown Produce, we are conscious that the customer expects a high quality product throughout the season. Strict technical policies and specifications are adhered to, covering aspects such as geographical location, choice of seed, fertilisers, pesticides, use of irrigation systems and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. We operate within the NFU protocol and use the HACCP system to ensure microbiological, chemical and physical safety for all products produced. Our strong horticultural programme is geared towards keeping our growing team advised of advances in technology, techniques and market demands. This practice has earned us a reputation for consistent crop excellence. Our traceability systems ensure that all produce grown and sold can be traced through to the finished product dispatched to the customer.


Ethical • Sedex Registered & ETI Base Code Compliance on all sites
Environment • IPM reduces the need for pesticide applications & the potential for detrimental effects on the environment • Monitoring of carbon emissions throughout the year
Pesticides • Legal and customer requirement compliance across supply chain • Residue minimisation through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) • Full Pesticide Analysis Programme conducted at unannounced stages throughout the season by Senior Management using risk assessments.

SEASON - 2019


To supply high quality produce to our customers throughout the UK growing season. Specialise in premium products such as speciality tomatoes and peppers whilst expanding our UK offer. To be recognised as a market leader of UK grown produce through supply, availability and quality.


Percentage of Vine Crops Grown Within Our Glasshouse


Percentage of Off the Vine Grown Within Our Glasshouse


As a result of our hard work and dedication, Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd operates to the following food standards:

  • Assured Produce Scheme
  • Assured Food Standards – Red Tractor
  • LEAF Certified
  • Marks & Spencer’s Field to Fork Scheme
  • Nurture Scheme Certified


Yorkshire Grown Produce Ltd is committed to providing our UK based customers with the freshest, locally grown and harvested produce at the highest of standards. Our produce is not only fresh, it tastes great too and by buying home-grown produce you support the local economy and also reduce the amount of energy needed to transport your food. Our business has become a local center for a wide variety of produce.

  • Baby Plum25%
  • Cherry On The Vine38%
  • Loose Tomatoes37%


This year we are venturing into a new market which will offer local businesses and homes from a few select villages within the Yorkshire region the opportunity to buy freshly harvested produce direct with very competitive prices . Why not explore some of our custom made package deals?



Within the height of the season we employ up to one-hundred members of staff, keeping on a core level of key individuals throughout the year as we enter into our close down period. During this time the nursery is tasked with carrying out all necessary works in preparation for the up coming season.

A variety of seasonal and full time positions are available from time to time throughout each year, positions which tend in high demand;

Crop Workers, Harvesters, Team Leaders, Engineers, Forklift / Vehicle Operators and Quality Controllers.

During the months of full production we aim to take on between 50-70 seasonal employees that will aid us in crop work & harvesting. At times where production may be at it's peak we require additional support where the Company may utilise agencies to facilitate the needs of the business. Where this occurs, we actively check that the agencies we use are fully licensed with the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA).


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